Following the Path of Jesus is a new way of living


The books in the New Testament were a radically new way of following God than from the Old Testament. In the Old Testament people lived by the law with black and white consequences.  In the New Testament people live by the great commandment: to love God with all your heart… your neighbor as yourself.   When we do this we offer grace, forgiveness and inclusion.  The Old Testament says: If your child disobeys you take them out and publically stone them to death;  or it is an abomination to eat shell fish; or mix two kinds of cloth this was the law. Today we look at these laws in the light of the Good News of Christ.  Thank God! I wouldn’t have survived my adolecent years and I do just love Shrimp!!!  Jesus not only paid the ultimate sacrifice in his death, He paved the way, towards the truth and the life so that we can come into the reality of our belonging and discover what being in relationship with God is truly all about.   The author to second Corinthians 3:6 said it this way, “ The letter of the law kills but the spirit gives life and meaning.” 

Question:  When God looks at us we are not seen as we are but as we shall be. How do you do you understand yourself in the eyes of God?

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