religious_spiritualDiana Butler Bass is a professor of religious studies.  She is the Author of several books her latest: Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening.  A couple of years ago she sent out a survey with four questions. 

Are you Spiritual and Not Religious?

Are you Religious and Not Spiritual?

Are you Spiritual and Religious?

Are you Neither?

A similar survey had been done in 1999.

There wasn’t an explanation and there was not a question regarding any affiliati on i.e.Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or “other”. The outcome was very interesting and many felt a need to share why they chose, what they  chose.  So I thought it would be interesting to invite you to participate in this survey  and if anyone of you would be compelled to share your thougths .  Next week I will share how these responses indicate a New Spiritual Awakening in the Land! How is God showing up in your life?  How is God showing up in our fast changing world?

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