Rudely Awakened

heart-hands-2Children have the knack of finding delight in everything around them. For me I loved drawing pictures on foggy windows. Or making up songs while keeping time with the windshield wipers.  Somewhere along the way most of us lose the ability to experience these simple joys.  Along the way we need more and more stimulation to feel excited and alive.

It is hard to believe that we have been in the thick of this stay at home to stay safe the past 5 weeks. My sister and I talk a lot lately.  Our focus is on the day’s news cycle, virus stats, what it’s like to work from home, imagining when life will get back to normal.  The other day our conversation shifted with the notion of what this would have been like if it happened when we were kids.  We shared and reminisced about getting excited when the spring rains came, and we could go out with rubber boots and raincoats on and play in the puddles.  The many hours playing on etcha-sketch or listening to records on the little turntable.  We always seemed to have plenty of time to read a good book or color.  Mom was home and always cooked from scratch and everyone was home for dinner.

She suddenly stopped talking for a moment then said ‘Wow. I did not even realize till now, that my kids today were painting rainbows on the window with soap paint, singing together songs on you tube, and we are home for dinner every night.  Instead of going to sports and dance practice etc.  She went on to say, she was really enjoying cooking from scratch and baking.  We realized that in our changed daily life, we were rediscovering simple joys.  In this long pause, we have shed busy schedules and calendar events. We have been rudely awakened to who and what really matters. Furthermore, even though there is hardship, sorrow and uncertainty all around us, we are finding some sense of comfort and peace in the ordinary world of family.    Maybe, the silver lining in this global pandemic.  Is a new found sense  of being alive, being present and finding delight in the ordinary.

May you always remember we Belong to God, God Belongs to us and we all belong to each other.

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